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We deal also with professional graphic print design, corporate identity, web marketing, and software development

  • Hi, I'm Tomek

    Founder & Managing Director

    Tomek, a passionate software engineer from Poland, programming and amazed by computer technologies since he was a kid. Loves clean code, getting things done and making great products for clients.

    Came to Thailand as a student for an internship and right away got in love with Bangkok, Thai people, food, and country. After graduating from the university came back here to start his own business. Created KOS Design in 2006.

    Speaks Thai, English and Polish, loves good coffee, and volleyball!

  • Hi, I'm Tor

    Senior Developer

    Tor is a superstar! The greatest skill of seeing the bigger picture in the project. He always search for the best solutions from clients and studio perspective. Hard working! He enjoys challenges and his dictionary don't have words "it can't be done". Has been trained by best and doing trainings for our future best.

    Tor is also our life and soul in the company, he likes sport bikes and good movies.

  • Hi, I'm Max

    Max The Runner

    Marathon Runner - in the real street, and the coding world. Clean Html/CSS code lover. Database and objective programing - level expert. When project start he run first to make it done. His background is a Hotel and Tourism Industry, then he fall in love in programming and did learn all by himself.

    He loves running, 42km Marathon counted and traveling.

  • Hi, I'm Boy

    Art Director

    Boy, passionate and focused for designing Websites, Logos, User Interfaces, and all other things that are related to design. He takes attention to details and he does the whole QA (Quality Assurance) from all design works done.

    He plays guitar and percussion and good music lover. His badminton spike is always the hardest one.

  • Hi, I'm Jame

    Creative Designer

    James is multi-tasking designer, specializing in building print works, visuals, identities, web works, but also video creations or 3D designs.

    James is a good old, rock listener, he plays guitar as well.

  • Hi, I'm Mint

    Account Executive / Project Manager

    Mint does the primary account management at KOS. Mint will also follow your project from start to its soonest successful end, including its financial part. Very organized, with cleanest desk in the company.

    She is a cat lover, company dj with best music played and always life and soul of the Friday party.

  • Hi, I'm Marek

    Marek - C++hampion
    Software Engineer

    Marek has an incredibly broad background in software development, from small, till large scale of software projects. Marek started coding in 199x, right after he got an access to computer with its DOS system, that was Pascal. Now, Marek is a super expert of designing and building complex Databases, Marek sees the issues miles before and find best solutions.

    Marek is big lover of books reading, kiting, Kite's Buggy rides, skate boards, sudoku, mountains trekking and good beer.

  • Hi, I'm Buay

    Buay - Programmer
    Web Developer

    Buay Joined KOS Design with New Year 2013. Buay is a perfectionist when comes to pixel counts. He is the man at KOS that stands by the QA of coded websites.

    Buay, as soon as he get a free time explore new places around, he does the photography.

  • Hi, I'm Genc

    Genc - Programmer
    Web Developer

    Genc joined us straight after graduation from down South Hat Yai, and she is a super fast learner. The second month she was thrown in a deep water and coded her first responsive large website. Genc is just positive.

    She had one of best scores at uni we seen in Thailand :) She also likes to watch a good movie

  • Hi, I'm Aki

    Web Developer

    Aki, is half Thai-Japanese, joined KOS right after his graduation and is doing just fantastic. He is super quick learner, has a great sense of code and it's UX/UI visibility, problems solver, and he loves challenges, so no easy project for him, please.

    Aki plays percussion, and guitar

  • Hi, I'm also Mint

    Mint Nuttaya
    Front-end Developer

    Mint is a cross browser and cross-platform front-end developer. Great attitude, focus and quick learner.

    Mint likes to watch a good movie on the weekend

  • Hi, I'm Edgar

    Edgar Girerd
    Creative Designer

    Edgar is a French rockstar! He is doing his 9-months internship, but he is a really a team member now. Very wide skilled, from being creative designer, video-production maker, developer, to well organized project manager. He lead and close one of the toughest projects, using his native language, positive attitude, and approach.

    Edgar is also very passionate and professional biker (BMX style).

  • Hi, I'm Build

    Account and Project Manager

    Build will lead project from start till end, including post-sale process. Have you forgotten how to manage some part in CMS - Call Build, and she will help or organize help right away. Very organized, will follow up brief, agendas, projects schedule and final payments (so watch out ;-)

    Build loves cooking and healthy food.

Web Design Agency Thailand

The considerable experience gained over the time and the employment of the latest technologies allow us to offer highest quality innovative services.

Since the beginning of our activity our primary goal has been to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the solutions we offer. Thus, we are truly dedicated to providing excellent services at affordable prices.

Being dynamic and Innovative in ideas, we are proud to be the first and the only Green Web Design Thailand Agency. Our websites are now hosted on servers powered by Sun & Wind.

Core team

Apart from the advanced technological infrastructure, the greatest asset of our company are the employees, who create a dynamic and creative team.

During years of our activity, we have achieved excellence in producing best solutions for our customers. We aid business development also by providing assistance in identifying the real needs of our clients and proposing ways on how to address them effectively.

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