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- Kat Florence

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- Guardfire

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- 10DK Bangkok

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- MTECH Technologies Co.,Ltd


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- Integrity Legal Co.,Ltd

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Meinhard (Thailand)

KOS Design - Meinhardt

KOS Design created our new website for Meinhardt's Bangkok office (www.meinhardt.net) and we have been very pleased with the results. The process of development a website that demonstrates our expertise and has a professional image was very interactive and rewarding.

Since it was launched late last year, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients and would recommend KOS Design to anyone else interested in setting up or upgrading a website for their business.

KOS Design - Meinhardt

Kat Florence

KOS Design - Kat Florence

We contacted KOS Design based on strong recommendations from colleagues. We needed a company to design and develop an E-commerce website, logo development, hosting and SEO input. From our first meeting, our experience with KOS Design was professional, efficient and engaging. Tomasz, KOS owner, actively devoted himself and his team to developing a creative, original, brand appropriate vision for our website and brought our ideas to fruition on the timeline promised.

Further, he continued exceptional and quick customer-support in service of the website. We highly recommend KOS Design to anyone seeking development of a professional, unique, and visually appealing website. We were taken care of at KOS, our needs met, our vision achieved and we’re gaining new clients daily with our contemporary website.


KOS Design - Kat Florence

PRTR Japanese

KOS Design - PRTR Japanese

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Tomasz and his team, at KOS Design, for the fantastic job they have done designing our new web site. After careful consideration of a number of web site design agencies, we immediately warmed to Tomasz and the creativity he demonstrated during his presentation. From the word go, Tomasz and his team have been terrific; from the concept right through to the final alterations, they have been extremely helpful, attentive and accommodating to all our requests.

I would say their major strength is their commercial understanding of what we were looking to achieve. Tomasz understood our business and immediately came up with a fantastic design which we all agreed was exactly what we were looking for. I would say Tomasz’s major strengths is his commercial acumen and his design creativity. The biggest compliment I would give is that from the first design presentation, there hasn’t really been anything that we have asked to be changed. They just got what we were looking for and went out and did it.

Choosing a web site partner can be a daunting and confusing aspect of business to undertake, but have met Tomasz we instantly knew he was the person to help us. He has delivered everything we wanted and the design is absolutely fantastic. Not only that, but there was never any pressure for the final payment and they have been available for us after the launch for help and guidance.

A truly great service and I would have no hesitation in recommending Tomasz and his team for design work.

Thank you and I look forward to future business collaborations together.

KOS Design - PRTR Japanese


KOS Design - Guardfire

KOS upgraded our website recently. The team listened to our requirements and implemented the upgrade very quickly. Tomek took a personal interest in all stages of the process and I relied on him for specialist advice, not only for the website but also for related issues such as hosting.

The project was completed on time and we are happy with the result. I can recommend KOS.

KOS Design - Guardfire


KOS Design - 10DK Bangkok

I found KOS by chance when I was searching for a web design service, and was immediately attracted by their website. I'd say we are very pleased with both process and results of our new website and logo design. The team always responds to my requests promptly.

We got a lot of compliments on the webpage--10dkbangkok.com. The design truly demonstrates our expertise and expresses all key messages we want to convey to our clients. The after sales service has been excellent. After all, I would recommend KOS to anyone!

KOS Design - 10DK Bangkok

MTECH Technologies Co.,Ltd

KOS Design - MTECH Technologies Co.,Ltd

We hired KOS Design to program and develop our new website. We had quite a clear idea of what we wanted in terms of content and branding and KOS Design really took our ideas to the next level in terms of design creativity, producing a website that has exceeded our expectations.

Throughout the process Tomasz and his team were reliable, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. The post sales support has also been excellent.

KOS Design - MTECH Technologies Co.,Ltd

Thai Grip Client’s feedback

KOS Design - Thai Griptech Co.,Ltd

I am Janet from a SME in the plastic packaging industry. We are very glad to see our new websites running nicely on the internet. It is a fantastically smooth experience to work with KOS.

First of all, they are open for opinion, customer-oriented and they are quick to respond. Staffs are very resourceful and vocal about their opinion on how to optimize our objectives in building our websites. They are good listeners and with their expertise in web-design area, they devise the best options for us.

We are happy to receive their service at a competitive offered price which totally stands out from the crowd. They are fair and they are very approachable

KOS Design - Thai Griptech Co.,Ltd


KOS Design - Integrity Legal Co.,Ltd

As a Bangkok Lawyer, it is a challenge to understand the intricacies of website maintenance. The point at which our firm decided to launch a major internet initiative, we contacted many web developers in Bangkok. Most of the designers we spoke with were either not competent in the area of web development or were unable to assist us.

After contacting KOS Design we were grateful to find a web designer with all of the abilities we needed. As proof of their stellar ability: our website has never ranked higher in the search engines.

KOS Design - Integrity Legal Co.,Ltd



KOS is an first class profession graphic and web designer Up front direct on time and honest

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert and High Integrity - April 9, 2009

Rusty Anton Neal : February 10, 2009 Financial Advisor (Web design / SEO, Logo identity)


Courtflex Group PTE LTD

KOS Design - Courtflex Group Pte Ltd

I could not be happier with my new logo, its complete branding and website! Finally I found KOS! They took our vision and just made it done!

KOS Design - Courtflex Group Pte Ltd


KOS Design - Sivalai Place

If you are looking for a web design company. I recommend KOS Design.

I am more than satisfied with their work on our sites: www.sivalaiplace.com & sivalaiclubhouse.com. Thanks to Tomasz & team. They understand what the client wants and their ability to deliver. Quality work. As well as follow-up & provided after service. Most of all I trust KOS. Give them a call and ask for Tomasz. He's awesome!

KOS Design - Sivalai Place

Client Testimonial

KOS Design - DGS Global

KOS were both helpful and thoughtful, translating my ideas into reality. They also made the effort to expand *around* my ideas and offer alternatives in areas not previously considered, such as logo.

KOS were responsive to my feedback, making unlimited changes, even if I changed my mind!

KOS delivered excellent value for money. I was particularly impressed with their professionalism and reliability. I would thoroughly recommend KOS to anyone, anywhere.

KOS Design - DGS Global

Thai Endama Client’s feedback

KOS Design - Endama

I just want to say THANK YOU!! for your great work for my company logo, endama! Although there were several ones that looked like some famous Japanese companies's logo existing already at first, the one on the second trial was exactly right in the spot! It is just amazing that you have created something visible and fascinating from nothing at the beginning!

I have always wished to get involved and work with Thai designers ever since I have visited there 5 years ago; I was really impressed by all art design and sence that Thai people and the country have. At the same time, I am always longing for my company to be multinational, working with people around the world together just like KOS DESIGN!

That's why, now I am admiring Tomasz because he has done it and is going his company(and his "COMPANIES") growing and growing!

Now that I am establishing my own company on fashion industry and serve for people worldwide, I would like to keep in touch and have inspirations from you in future as well!

KOS Design - Endama