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Corporate identity is one of the most important part in the marketing area, it simply speaks volumes about your company. Please find below what have done in logo design Bangkok. Our logos are professional, easy to remember, effective without colour (print, fax, etc), eye-catching, and interesting.

Logo prototypes in a three different formats (large, mini version (business card, printing), and black/white (fax, documents)). Please find below our best logo examples. Read more about Logo Design Thailand

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Featured Latest Brands

DE Enterprise

Diatech Enterprises

Oman based company
Complete re-brand


Zahira Jewellery

Zahira Fine Jewllery - Re-Branding Project



Schedule and book. Brand for software application with booking system


10DK Architects

Architecture startup - Concept: 10 days to complete their project

Falcon Bridge

Falcon Bridge

Arab Emirates based construction company


Appeal Fitness

First witness studio only for Women

Advocates Dubai

The Advocates

Dubai based law firm, with long last heritage


Diatech Scotland

Diamond blades industry, from Scotland.

SE Union

SEU Media

Video, audio production startup, from Bangkok

Suay Sabai

Suay Sabai

Local distributor hired us to create a brand identity for E-commerce shop selling various woman products, mainly jewelry, bags, shoes, dress, and etc.

Love Reel

Love Reel

Love Reel - Wedding video shooting producer

Korund Kosmetyczny

korund kosmetyczny

Korund Kosmetyczny - Re-brand of cosmetic product.

  • For new company producing Eco-friendly, exclusive jewelry watches box - we did a corporate branding.
  • Wareepura - Logo for Japanese own restaurant
Cynergy Care
  • Cynergy Care - health care company is re-branding, using the same concept we cleaned the logo, give it the health and life.
Muay Thai Supplies
  • Muay Thai Supplies - Distributor of Muay Thai Products in Australia hired us to create professional logo with its Thai Feel in it.
Medi Makeovers
  • Australian Based Medical Tour company approached us to redesign their identity.
Hotel Royal Nakara
  • Description: logo For Hotal Royal Nakara in the North of Thailand - identity that present a classic, old (boran) style fashion Thailand interiors.
Dolphin Seaways
  • The company is a first class service, providing luxury, hydrofoil boat tours. Concept build is: Comfort, Holiday, and speed (strong, dynamic).
Thai Onzon
  • Thai Onzon, a Thai Restaurant owners in Canada hired us to crate the identity.
Celadon Bangkok
  • Description: For Exclusive Apartment we have done premium logo identity, among with all stationary design.
Lets Meet Mates
  • Lets Meet Mates is a new Society site that connect people. We got this challenge to make this friendly, clean and pro.
Jouvence SPA
  • Description: For Hotel Chateu De Bangkok, SPA section we have created a new corporate identity, that works at spa place and all media.
  • Primus - Training and Development hired us to redesign their current Logo.
  • Description: For Courflex - International Producer of Sports Flooring we have redesigned the logo and whole branding (logo, stationary, website design).
Cosh X
  • Description: For Software consulting company based in the US. Logo requirement: simple, modern, and sleek. Company name comes from the math function cosh(x) = (e^x + e^-x) / 2 = cos(i*x) = the integral of sinh(x) dx.
Caramellow logo / Packaging
  • Description: Caramellow logo it was a challenge! Trade marked logo, unique, and delicious looks - We have been hired to do package design additionally. See packaging & logo.
Cosmetic Pack
  • logo Concept: logo has 2 words - C and P in the meaning of infinity. line curve is like a beautiful bottle. Infinity - Beautiful / Global / Advance
  • Fitness For Women - We have been hired for new Fitness Studio Appeal - only for women.
  • Autovalue Irish-German based sports car dealer company hired us to build new identity for their business.
ASEAN Meeting & Travel
  • Description: Goal of the logo was to emphasize the main business which is diamon, in very clear and clean way we have reach that goal.
Ting Tong
  • Description: Ting Tong is a society website for Thais and expats that want to get get some fun and relax.
Siam Shine Star
  • Description: Goal of the logo was to emphasize the main business which is diamon, in very clear and clean way we have reach that goal.
Dunstan - Playfors Lawyers
  • Shipped: Nov 2009
  • Description: Quote" MUST BE very very professional very high class business logo and letter head must be super high class". Provided
  • Shipped: Nov 2009
  • Description: Beauty.travel is a medical tour operator. Client needs were: clean, simple, professional logo.
At Visuals
  • Shipped: Nov 2009
  • Description: At Visuals deals with photography - for corporations, businesses, weddings. Needs: very professional, yet exciting and artsy.
  • Shipped: Oct 2009
  • Description: GreenDay is a producer of recycle, handmade, Invironmental friendly materials. logo should emphesize that. Trendy design and colors 100%.
  • Shipped: Sep 2009
  • Description: OnTOP Jewelry, Designer of High Quality Jewelry product: Client wanted to use a clean, flowing, possible brush stroke variation on the name OnTOP.
Amarana Limited
  • Shipped: Sep 2009
  • Description: Amarana is a licensec hedge funds and limited partnership company. Specification was simple: "High Level", "first class", ASAP. Has been delivered within 2 days.
  • Shipped: Aug 2009
  • Description: The task was to develop a brand that stretches internationally. A brand that launches a new word - TEPANDINE - to the market
Still Fashion
  • Shipped: Aug 2009
  • Description: Big, Bold, feminine, clean and uncomplicated, curvy rather than angular. KOS Design has designed a new brand logo for fashion company - Still.
Thailand Holiday Homes
  • Shipped: Aug 2009
  • Description: For Thailand Holiday Homes, luxury homes rental company we have provided logo that convey the essence of luxury, Thailand, holiday, and home.
  • Shipped: July 2009
  • Description: For SpyBangkok.com Society Portal that spy the all the best stuff from the Bangkok net, we have created an uniqe design logo.
  • Shipped: June 2009
  • Description: Simplified logo to appear on product - These high quality rubber sandals are made in Thailand and will be marketed in New Zealand.
HCD Consult
  • Shipped: May 2009
  • Description: For International Human Capital Development Consulting we have developed a clear logo that portrays a professional consulting business.
Ausfone Australia
  • Shipped: May 2009
  • Description: Ausfone Australia - Telecom Company approached us to build a identity.
Space Bangkok
  • Shipped: April 2009
  • Description: Space Bangkok logo - Requirement: Simple, professional and corporate feel.
ABA Bank
  • Shipped: March 2009
  • Description: Ababank is working on new logo, KOS Design has presented one logo prototype to the Bank.
Integrity legal
  • Shipped: Dec 2008
  • Description: Integrity Legal | Bangkok Lawyer
Hermes Sulieman
  • Shipped: March 2009
  • Description: Hermes - Branch of SNSCO Financial Adviser, Trust Services and Investment Advisory
Isda Thai
  • Isda Thai - hired us to do an event new logo for their restaurant.
Sulieman Investment Trust
  • Shipped: April 2009
  • Description: For SNSCO Branch Company - Sulieman Investment and Trust Limited we've got a challenge logo work to do. logo - Royal Crest.
Safe Impex
  • Shipped: July 2009
  • Description: SNSCO - For the Dutch Company that deals with import / export on international scale we have designed a logo among with letter head.
Anandita Fabrics
  • Description: For Anandita Fabrics brand, we have design a clan, beauty identified logo design. Concept is that human throw a fabric to the sky.
Gomo Iphone Application
  • Shipped: Jan 2010
  • Description: logo should be simple, funny, eye-catching for people to recognize and remember.
Amarana Trust
  • Shipped: Dec 2009
  • Description: For new branch of Amarana we have been hired again to create new identity Amarana Trust. Simple, font based logo.