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Aerial Photography

If photography is your passion, ‘aerial photography ‘and ‘video shooting’ are sure to fascinate your senses. Get to capture the beauty of Thailand in a completely new and unknown spirit that is breathtakingly picturesque.

Having years of experience in aerial photography with help of remote controlled helicopters, we bring for you the best service in competitive price rate. From video photography for feature films, television needs to commercial purpose, our team of professionals make for one of the most recognized name in Thailand. Corporate firms or constructional organizations can benefit widely with help of our aerial photography service to create tv commercials, brochures, portfolios and other promotional needs. Our remote controlled helicopters are equipped to carry large SLR and digital cameras high up in the sky. With prompt set ups and precautions, we bring for you pictures of Thailand from 1000 feet above the ground level. Moreover, our electrically powered remote helicopters are quite and do not make any sound.

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Additional Services

Committed to give you the best experience ever, we also use high end cameras such as Canon 5D, Red Epic, Panasonic AF100, Canon C300, Ikonoskop a-cam DII, Scarlet, Canon 5Dmk III and more that are in sync to the convenience, budget and demand of customers. Not only just aerial photography bangkok, and videography, we also specialize in advanced photo editing and graphic designing to make your pictures look perfect and catchy. Our professionals will remove all unwanted objects from the pictures such as poles and wires, clutters etc. From color balancing to HDR designing, we do it all on request from customers to enhance the beauty and essence of the pictures.

Maintaining all precautions and instructions needed for aerial photography such as insurances, planning and equipment, our cameras are loaded with wireless video assistance. Get close range pictures of Bangkok and get to explore its places of attraction in an innovative style. Book your choice of photography service with us and avail excellent aerial pictures of Thailand and Bangkok like never before.

To know more about our aerial photo shooting and videography service, you can either mail us or get in touch with our professional experts to learn better.