Together, we have delivered over 1,000 design projects for clients around the world.



  • We were the pioneer in website design in 2005. We've been helping clients over 14 years.
  • Over 1,000 successfully launched projects
  • Clients from literally everywhere - busy and bustling Bangkok, New York, Dubai. We manage projects with different time zones and different paces to accommodate the clients.
  • We deal with BIG brands (PTT, Sharp, The Peninsula, Konica Minolta etc.)
  • We are the award winning agency with second best in packaging design in Thailand DEP.



We're an experienced agency that get things done. We are small enough to still care about every client. We believe in quality over quantity. Here's what our clients say about us. 

  • 100% QUALITY guaranteed
    Proven and tested technologies, a talented team and thorough testing at each stage of production. We QC all projects. 
  • 100% SECURITY guaranteed
    After-sale service is what we prioritize. We are always here for you.
  • 100% exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE guaranteed
    We respond instantly to any message we get from you. You won’t need to wait for a response more than 30 minutes.


We are not only specialists in our respective fields e.g. design, UI, software, we are also the dream team with the right mix of experience, technical knowledge and strategic thinking. We've fostered great relationships with our clients and others we have worked with. Find out more about who we are below.

Founder & Managing Director
Tomek, our founder is a true software engineering expert, born and bred in Poland. Tomek explored Asia and settled in Bangkok in 2006. He launched his first startup, before the term 'startup' even existed. Over the past 13 years, Tomek has been working with top global brands to drive their digital presences' evolution with his visionary and thoughtful approach.

Tomek breathes websites and speaks fluently in UNIX/DevCodes/English/Thai, listed respectively by proficiency.
KOS Design - Tomek KOS Design - Tomek
Creative Director
Boyd is KOS’ creative director and a long-standing team member. He has an eye for design and can solve any creative problem you place in front of him.. piece of cake!

He is a music lover; he plays the guitar and percussion.
KOS Design - Boyd KOS Design - Boyd
Tech & Analyst Lead
For over 10 years, Puan has been providing E-Commerce & digital marketing solutions and Consultation to Thai brands and major enterprises. He is specialized in operating cross-borders E-Commerce platform. He has an educational background in Engineering and MBA (Strategic Management & Finance). Puan has received Google Certified and Disrupt X10.
KOS Design - Puan KOS Design - Puan
Account Executive
After earning her bachelor's degree from Chulalongkorn University, Koy began her career with us in project management field. Koy brings fresh perspective and a fine eye for detail that help successfully execute various major projects.

Koy is also mastered at maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and providing them reliable support.
KOS Design - Koy KOS Design - Koy
Creative Director
James, our talented Creative Director, has over 8 years of experience in website design, corporate identity development, visuals and communications design. His compelling and strategic creative work has been recognized globally, ranging from niche jewelry brands and global consumer brand giants.

In addition to his primary job functions, James bakes cakes and pies on weekends. If there's one thing we're certain of, he is very good with his hands... #realmenbake
KOS Design - Jame KOS Design - Jame
UX / UI & Branding Designer
Game is our award-winning designer specializing in web/UI design, graphic design, branding and illustration. He understands the essence of clients' businesses and transform ideas into visuals. To do so, Game combines real-world experiences and his sharp vision to develop forward-thinking projects that excel in creativity and web usability.

Besides making use of his intuitive art direction, Game likes to exercise and drink. So far, he has managed to even them out quite fairly!
KOS Design - Game KOS Design - Game
Account Manager
Yam is a digital marketing professional with 8+ years experience in website and digital marketing agencies. Yam likes nothing better than tackling seemingly impossible challenges for clients. Her intense drive and determination pushes her to find solutions that many others don’t. She is always looking to develop strong relationships with the clients and deliver results that are in the long-term interests of the clients she works with.
Yam currently serves as a bridge between clients and the internal team to ensure seamless communication.
KOS Design - Yam KOS Design - Yam
Project Manager
Keat brings extensive experience as a digital marketing and web design specialist. Today Keat is our Project Manager, handling KOS Design’s regional and global clients in the real estate and fashion sectors. Having graduated from SASIN in business management, Keat has an eye for design and passion in delivering websites to meet business objectives for our clients. When he’s not researching best-in-class UX/UI, Keat loves to meditate and enjoys a glass of fine whiskey (not always at the same time!).
KOS Design - Keat KOS Design - Keat
Head of Reception
Faak, our part-time receptionist, probably has the best job and benefits in the company. Faak doesn't do anything or show any kind of affection and he still gets the food everyday. He's a picky eater too! Yet, we love him anyway, because that's what family is for. And at KOS, we are more than colleagues - we are one family.
KOS Design - Faak KOS Design - Faak
Senior Web Developer
With over 8 years of development experience, Sheet combines his programming skills and his creativity to manage complex systems integrations and develop top-performing websites for KOS clients. He takes pride in providing the best solutions possible.

When Sheet is not busy coding, he likes to play all kinds of sports.
KOS Design - Sheet KOS Design - Sheet
Web Developer
Mind is a Web Developer with over 5 years of experience in web development to amplify business growth and support SEO and digital marketing. He codes, oversees projects and ensures that we're on top of the game in this fast-changing landscape.

To refuel, Mind loves to explore nature, sleep under the stars and be surrounded by wilderness. He is definitely an adventurous soul.
KOS Design - Mind KOS Design - Mind
Web Developer
Pick is a young talent with combination of development skills and analytical skills. He has created diverse web presences for various consumer brands. He has an out-of-the-box mindset while applying flawless website standards and delivering results.
KOS Design - Pick KOS Design - Pick
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ale came to us straight from Ecuador. She is a truly fast learner, with her amazing writing skills and positive Latin American attitude. She is managing digital marketing and a few creative projects. She speaks Spanish, Italian, French, English and is now starting with Thai!
KOS Design - Ale KOS Design - Ale
Web Developer
Nok handles Magento development including system integration and feature customization. He makes transitions seamless and creates quality e-commerce websites like magic. He solves bug mysteries and brings creativity to life. Nok provides clear concept, creation and extraordinary execution.
KOS Design - Nok KOS Design - Nok
Web Developer
EM firstly joined us as a young and vibrant intern. Fast forward, she rejoined us as a Web Developer with full understanding in Concrete 5 CMS, probably one of the top 5 talents out there in Thailand. She has wide-ranging skillset and unbeatable energy that enables the team to complete website projects with zero bugs.

EM loves to unwind and discover the world by travelling solo. EM expands her mind by learning Japanese and reading.
KOS Design - EM KOS Design - EM
Web Developer
Kaen is a website developer with interests in website trends and best-practice technology. He is driven to optimize the websites to deliver top user experience. His practical motto is "Make our web better every day!"

Kaen is a true guru in web dev, mobile responsiveness and partying.
KOS Design - Kaen KOS Design - Kaen
Web Developer
Rae is one of our resident web developers. Moving from a humble intern to a valuable member of our team, she takes pride in not only her technical process, but also her bilingual abilities with fluency in both English and Thai. Rae is very passionate in music and movies. Filming and photography are also areas of her interests. According to Rae, she’s also very good at poker.
KOS Design - Rae KOS Design - Rae
Web Developer
Bell is a dynamic talent with versatile skills. She is an expert in Shopify, applications and e-commerce solutions. Bell brings smooth shopping experience to our customers and helps our clients reach their potentials by growing businesses digitally.

Bell applies world-class effect and coding with her proficiency in web-based languages.
KOS Design - Bell KOS Design - Bell
Yohan Kim
Graphic designer
coming soon..
KOS Design - Yohan Kim KOS Design - Yohan Kim
Web Developer - Project Coordinator
Fern studies abroad in the United Kingdom and joined us as an intern during her term break. Her main roles at KOS are website development and assistant account executive, both of which have tremendously improved her skills and knowledge. Fern is in charge of blogging and content writing for KOS Design.
KOS Design - Fern KOS Design - Fern
An edgy graphic designer, freshly imported from Nepal.
KOS Design - Nhorden KOS Design - Nhorden
Senior Web Developer
Tide holds a degree in Technology and innate love of writing codes. He is an experienced e-commerce professional with fluency in multiple languages. Tide demonstrates keen eye for detail. No bugs can pass from his eyes!
KOS Design - Tide KOS Design - Tide


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