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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization. SEO & Internet Marketing

Increase your clients traffic with our SEO

SEO Services

Our SEO experts offer a full range of SEO Services to help you in attaining more visibility within the major search engines and gain more web exposure for your target audience. We help large corporations, SMEs and individual website owners with our Search Engine Optimization Services, helping you increase your website traffic naturally and organically.

Search Engine Positioning Plan

'Analyze' then 'Optimize' then 'Monitor'

Our KOS Design SEO Experts will 'Analyze' then 'Optimize' your website, helping you achieve and generating the results you desire.

Our SEO Department will create a Search Engine Positioning Planspecifically designed to your online business model and target audience. With proper website analysis and a focused and well laid out Internet Marketing Plan, we'll help you implement this SEO Strategy and maximize your return on investment (ROI) from our SEO Services.

Website & Directory Submissions

We can submit your web site URL to the various search engines maximising your online exposure. We also offer a Directory Submission Service, helping you increase your online presence and maximize your search engine effectiveness.

Competition Analysis

Analysing your competition is crucial. Thorough SEO Competition Analysis will give you the edge. Armed with this statistical knowledge of your competitors and knowing why they rank like they do within the major search engines; adjustments can be made so that your website will 'Out Rank' them within the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Statistics Analysis

We offer several Website Statistic Packages. Understanding your visitors' behaviour can help you dramatically increase your conversion rates.


  1. See where your visitors came from with demographic reports.
  2. What keywords they used to find you.
  3. Page reports. Complete visitor activity and time spent onsite.
  4. Navigational data, what page they entered/exited on and pages they viewed.

KOS Design will implement a Web Traffic Analysis System that's right for you.

How To Get Started with KOS Design SEO Services.

To increase traffic, obtain long lasting Top Search Engine Results and ultimately generate more sales and leads for your business; contact KOS Design SEO today.
One of our SEO Consultants will review your enquiry, analyze your website and advise you on the correct 'SEO Package' that best suits your needs.
Increase Your Visitors.
Increase Your Sales. 

Get The Results You Deserve
For Quality SEO Services 

KOS Design SEO

Internet Marketing Services

We offer you the highest quality Website Promotional Services and Online Marketing Strategies.
Our Services Include;

Site Structure:

Our SEO Website Design Team specializes in on page Web Site Optimization. We can help you achieve better rankings by adjusting;

1. Your Internal Link Structure.
2. Fine tuning your On Page Content.
3. HTML / XHTML / CSS Source Code amendments.
4. Complete site restructuring/building to W3C standards.

We can optimize your website to make it more user and SEO Friendly.

Keyword Research

We offer an in depth Keyword Analysis package. We can help you find the right keywords, phrases and themed keyword content for your online niche that the search engines will love.

Link Building

We build high quality back links to your web site naturally. We'll help you increase you Link Popularity through careful Link Partner Selection. KOS Design offer a quality long lasting Link Building Campaign Service designed and tailored to your online business model. We understand and take into account all Link factors, focusing on such terms as Link Relevancy and Link Authority.

KOS Design Search Engine Positioning Code Of Ethics.

KOS Design only uses 'White Hat' Ethical Best SEO Practices and Internet Marketing Tactics.
We strictly adhere to Yahoo, MSN and Google web master guidelines.
We always act in our clients best interests, offering the highest level of service.
We address clients concerns and questions quickly and in an honest manner.