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Elevate your security level by protecting your data with KOS Design. KOS Safeguard protects you from cybercrime and evil hackers out there. We keep your systems compliant by a qualified supportive team with over a decade experience in digital security.

Ensure security and maintain compliance for you 24/7/365

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Website Security

Internet access protection against hackers, worms, viruses, trojans, spyware and other forms of online threats

This service minimizes the down time due to harmful virus attacks, resulting in a significantly higher performance.

  • Keep a clean machine with the latest security software, web browser, and operating system.
  • Automate software updates to defend against known risks.
  • Use spam filters to block malicious software and phishing scams. 
  • Risk assessment and constant health check Web 

Web information systems are constantly exposed to many faults throughout their lifetime. Risk assessment and health check analyze the vulnerabilities of the system with reconfiguration. Our protocol involves assessing the probability and consequences of the occurrence of various attack combinations.


Monthly Monitoring and Auditing Maintenance

You will receive monthly in-depth reports of use and attack attempts on your website, allowing foran up-to-date protection.

KOS Design provides an monthly auditing service for you to maintain the highest level of website security, ensuring the hacker-free status of the website. Our clients receive a monthly in-depth analysis and best practice recommendation for the business.


Privacy and Compliance

Keep you up to date with the latest PDPA, GDPR, PCI compliance. Protect your customer credit card information today.

Privacy requirements change frequently and are becoming increasingly complex, posing many challenges for organizations.You need only minimum investment to build trust with your customers and follow all regulations. KOS Design provides a comprehensive, standardized profile and privacy management service where users can manage their profile details, consent to account connection, and personal data that is shared with external databases (cookie consent).

This service also addresses other user requirements related to standard regulations such as GDPR and PDPA.


Digital Identity Protection Service

Protect your online privacy and personal information

Provide authorized access to the right people at the right time.Through data visualization, we identify the relationships between users or devices, enabling us to detect anomalies in access quickly and efficiently. This management system is commonly referred to as identity and access management, or IAM.

When users are provided with a transparent view of their privacy and data rights, they feel more secure increasing the likelihood of them sharing their personal data.


Customer Data Protection

Best-in-class profile and privacy settings

KOS Design helps establish a closer relationship with customers because they can see exactly what personal information your company holds and why. We help to deliver better user experiences that can potentially increase customer loyalty and conversion rates, improve employee productivity, provide stronger security and privacy, and improve compliance.


Security Penetration Test

Think like a hacker. Work like a pro.

We safeguard your system with a simulated cyberattack.

Our offensive security services served by our expert team find flaws in your systems and use security standard to ensure that your system is secure enough to survive the latest hacking techniques.



Curated workshops for individuals and businesses

Our expert computer engineers are available to talk you through the major aspects of website security, privacy and compliance, and digital identity. You will also be provided with an in-depth technical workshop which gives you the right amount of knowledge on how you can prepare and upgrade your business website.