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Logo Design Thailand.

Branding Creations and Designs

Deciding to brand your business with a Kos Logo Design is the smart way to reflect your corporate image. Because - YOUR IMAGE MATTERS

Kos Logo Design Studio fully understands this.

Our creative Logo Designers work with you to reflect your corporate identity, reinforcing and developing your brand to give your company its 'personality' you seek. This is what our Kos Logo Designers excel in.

Fast, affordable, Professional Logo Designs.

Find out why we are the fastest growing Logo Design and Branding Agency in Thailand.

A Logo is the very heart of your Company's Corporate Identity.

It's a technical fact, "First Impressions Count."

Custom Logo Design helps to build credibility and project the overall mood and character of your business. We create stunning Bespoke Logo Designs, tailor made to your specifications using solid fundamental Design and Branding principles. We offer Perfect Logo and Branding Solutions that only a Professional Logo Design Thailand Agency can provide. Effective Original Logos that will make your company stand out from the crowd.

View our Logo Design Portfolio and see why our clients love us!

Professional Logo Design's by Team Kos.

We are: 'The Professional Logo Design Agency of Bangkok, Thailand.'

Logo Design Specialists

Creating World Class Original Logos for businesses and corporate clients is what we are great at. Our Kos Logo's Design Team are experts in the art of Creative Logo Design and Corporate Branding.

We make the whole Logo Design Process a seamlessly easy one.
What makes Kos Logo Designers shine and stand out from the competition?
What is Kos's Secret to the art of Designing Great Logos?

There are 2 key attributes which all Professional Logo Designers must possess.

  • Outstanding Communication Skills.
  • Excellent Technical Skills.

Business and image go hand in hand; they are intertwined.

Logo Development is very much a creative process. Our Experienced Logo Designers are innovative in creating lasting impressions; we understand branding and identity design.

Web Design Science

Earlier we mentioned that 'First Impressions Count.' Well, behavioural and information technology studies reinforce this claim. The latest research suggests surprisingly that the brain actually makes decisions in just 1/20th of a second of viewing a webpage (or image), also forming its opinion of the quality of a webpage (or image).

These judgements are formed almost as quickly as the eye can take in information.



Why are we Thailand's No1 Professional Logo Design Agency? Because we create unique Corporate Logo Designs that from an aesthetical and technical view point are quite simply the best Logo Designs you buy.

Unique, Affordable, Effective, Business and Corporate Logo Designs, beautifully created as only Kos know how.

Core Logo Foundation Blocks

KOS Foundation Block No.1: - We Listen!

Kos Logo Design Team: We are always emphatic in our wiliness to listen to our clients' ideas, aspirations and absorb their initial design directions & creative concerns. Understanding our clients through excellent communication ensures all our clients receive Great Logo Designs; Always!

Listening: Is the 1st pivotal element in the creation of all Great Logo Designs; the No.1 foundation block in the Kos Logo Design Process.

We Listen To You!

KOS Foundation Block No.2: - Always Employ Experts!

We employ experts: Excellent Logo Designs require their 'Artists' to have excellent technical skills combined with a naturally inventive, visionary mindset that inspires the best results. Our highly skilled Logo Design Team cares deeply about every one of their Designs. All our Kos Logo 'Artisans' produce the very best in Creative Logo Designs. Always!

To Get The Best Logo Ideas And Designs Out; You Must Put The Best In!" We Listen! We Employ The Best Designers! Kos Logo Designers Design Great Logos, Always!

Key Points to Remember:

-Your Corporate Identity has just a few seconds to impress prospects.
-Your Company's Image has a huge influence in determining your
prospects behavior.
-Prospects that can associate and bond with a brand in a positive way ultimately hold onto these positive neural associations long term.
-Positive perceived identities and Branding leads to a gaining of Trust and Customer Loyalty.
-Your company's image, Logo/Branding is the initial step in the Gaining of Trust with your prospects via its Visual Design and Positive Prospective.



We understand these and other Technical Logo Design points.

KOS 1-2-3

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KOS Logo Design of Bangkok, Thailand. 
"Great Service, Great Prices, Great Logo Designs."

To Summarise;

It is our job as a Professional Web Design and Graphic Design Company to Create Stunning Logos that will do the job; exactly as you ask. Your Logo should inspire Trust, create a recognition and admiration for your Company and inspire Product and Brand Awareness. We understand and listen to your needs and wants.

Lasting Impressions; The How.

Researchers believe that quickly formed first impressions last because of what is known to psychologists as the 'Halo Effect'.

If people believe your website looks good, then this positive quality will spread to other areas, such as the website's content.

Since people like to be right, they will continue to use the website that made a good first impression, as this will further confirm that their initial decision was a good one.

"Unless The First Impression Is Favourable, Visitors Will Be Out Of Your Site Before They Even Know That You Might Be Offering More Than Competitors."

Quoted by:
Dr. Gitte Lindgaard is the director of Carleton University's Human Oriented Technology Lab (HOTLab)

KOS Logo Design Philosophy

Our Logo Design Philosophy is always to deliver with 100% Client Satisfaction.

We aim to provide the highest level of service to all our customers. We offer Quality Cost Effective Branding Solutions, Bespoke Logo Designs and a dedicated Graphic Design Studio for Companies Worldwide. We always endeavour to offer the highest level of service to all our clients; through our KOS Kingdom of Service Guarantee.

KOS Logo Design Process

We make the whole Logo Design Process a seamlessly easy one.

We always advocate "KOS - KISS" method.
K - Keep
O - Orders
S - Simple

K - Keep
I - Initial
S - Styles/Samples/Sketches
S - Simple

"Some Of The Best Logo Designs That Have Stood The Test Of Time Have Been Conceived Based On Simplicity. We Try To Keep It Simple."

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