Start a website project


5 March 2020
4 min read

Things to know before starting your website

1. Identify goals and understand your target audience

First things first, identify the purpose of the website. Understand and establish your business and communication goals. What is your website for? Who is it for? What are your customers or visitors looking for? Try to understand your target market. What nationalities are they? What are their position? What's their interest/focus? Are they tech-savvy or conservative?

2. Research

Next, do your research. Look around and see what you like - or equally important - dislike about the websites in your field. Consider their design, layout and functionalities.

3. Features

The most important issue is differentiate between features you NEED and features you WANT. Are these features all necessary? What will you get out of them? Can we implement them in phases? Features that websites generally have include Booking engine, Enquiry form, E-commerce function, Payment integration, Social media feed and CRM integration. It’s great to think ahead but do you need all of these? Will you be able to manage it? What we want customers to understand is that a website should serve as a tool to empower your business and marketing efforts rather than limiting your capabilities because it’s too complex to manage. We never encourage customers to implement functions they do not need because it is not worth their investment.

4. Contact an expert, well, us to be more precise. Let's get the ball rolling!

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